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Customizing a Chrysler 300


Photo courtesy of Top Speed

So you’ve spent a lot of hard earned money on a new Chrysler 300, and you feel great, right? Unfortunately. There are thousands of people out there on the roads that have the same car model with the same attributes of the car you just bought. So what can we do about it?
It’s time to help you out with your new ride to pimp it so that you stand out from the crowd.


1.You need to get some new tires on that auto. The stock 17 “‘s is fine and all, but you need to get some big ones for the Chrysler. 22 inch wheels would be nice in the new Chrysler 300 and if you want to get the best, Dub wheels will be the way to go. The wheel sizes, styles and prices are within the range. Personally, I like the dub Big Homie 8 Chrysler car, but that’s just me. Do not forget that you will need new rubber wheels also, so make sure to set aside enough money to get decent tires. Expect to spend over $ 500 per tire if you decide to go with 22 inch wheels.

2. You want to get rid of that old Chrysler 300 Grills. The most popular style of the grid on the market for the Chrysler 300 is the Bentley mesh grille, which come in a variety of styles and finishes. You can spend a few hundred dollars on decent Chrysler 300 grills or you can walk and play with the big and Strut Grill Package, it will cost more than a grand, but you will be riding in style with this customization achieved.

3.One of the most impressive things you can do for your Chrysler 300 is to add the custom body kit and lambo doors. Note that now that you’re getting some substantial changes, and the car will not be classified as an ideal car for daily use, you can still roll to and from work in the style if you choose to Lots of body kit styles and most custom shops can install as well as make Lamborghini doors easily to increase more style to it. The body kit is a good complement to the new wheels and a custom grill too.

My take…

Additional modifications can be made on custom interior such as air bags, audio and video improvements, custom interior changes with exotic materials and major improvements to time engine / horsepower. In the world of customizing Chrysler 300, nitrous and compressors are not out of the norm, but you have to have some serious changes in order for people to accept that you are the King/Queen of customization. Simply adding a cold air intake system and a high flow exhaust will make you add 300 horses sound and good strength. This is just a simple customization that will cost you much. So be prepared to spend a dim on the custom look. Learn more on Chrysler, Bentley customisation here.


Chrysler 300 accessories offer a variety of options


The car you drive says a lot about you, it projects your personality and style to all that see the car you are driving. Some drive sports cars, others prefer an oversized SUV. You prefer to be considered in the most beautifully made car on the road. The Chrysler 300 is a luxury sedan / sport that makes a profound statement. However, you are probably the type who prefers to stand out even more from the rest of the crowd. Customizing addons for Chrysler 300 gives you the potential to stamp your own identity on this great automobile.

Once you’ve decided to customize your car, you’ll find quality accessories for Chrysler 300 and some small details you decide to add to your car will set it apart from others. Maybe you like that classic look that resembles a Bentley grills style. This fine grid gives the appearance of a 300 Baby Bentley.

Or maybe you want to do an even more aggressive look than the one you already have, this can be accomplished with the addition of a tribal grid. This style of Chrysler grills makes a statement with its characteristic jagged edges and shockingly attractive design.

Chrysler 300 accessories include custom floor mats for interior touches like chrome pedal covers, Kits, wooden board edge and not modified ruffles. No matter what you’re looking for, there are providers specializing in Chrysler accessories that you would contact. Whether you are looking for interior parts and accessories or outdoor, you should be able to find it.

There are many suppliers of accessories for Chrysler 300 on the internet. Not all providers offer the same price or the same quality of materials. It’s a good idea to compare prices of different providers.

Find a reputable supplier that deals with modified parts around your area or a car club. There are several reputable car clubs that would provide recommendations on the best parts and where to get them.

Car enthusiast forums are also a good way to find a supplier of quality accessories for Chrysler 300. Members of these forums will often give you a few suggestions on the best suppliers.

When you change your 300 you’ll have plenty of options, you can choose to go wild or you may prefer to remain soft. Anyway, there are accessories that will help you get to where you are headed in the style and class that speaks volumes about who you are.

Remember that you do not have to work thoroughly on your customization of your Chrysler 300. You can with the Chrysler 300 grills that fits perfectly on the existing grid, then come to the other additions later. This accessory allows you to have a sleek new look without spending much. You may decide later to have a permanent grill instead. Always make sure any accessories for Chrysler 300 that you wish to buy are only of quality parts.